Getting ready for Flint

I’m planning to play through Flint soon. No spoilers please, but is there anything I should do before starting this adventure? And is it worth getting A Taste Of The Garden quality before I go?

It can never hurt to have a taste of the garden in your mouth, that being said I can’t remember any need of it in the search for Flint.

Otherwise, it’s useful to have a good stock of Elder category items for your journey. Nothing else coming to mind about Flint for me right now.

Make sure you’ve spent these qualities before you do the story, because you will eventually reset them.

Dramatic Tension
Term Passing

Make sure you bring enough passphrases. They give you an easy way to obtain these in London so I suggest you use it. Else you may have to perform some unsavory activities in the Elder Continent to obtain them. I fear I made this brash mistake and rushed ahead before I was fully prepared.

I have 119 passphrases, so hopefully that’s enough.

That’s more than enough, even for taking every single option. (Which is very much overkill - I spent maybe three days to do everything in Flint, and on a repeat visit finished the story in half a day.)

That is plenty. My don’t go in with say … five. They take those passcode fairly seriously on the continent. Expect to use one to access anything.