Getting my University job back?

In my quest to become a Person of Some Importance, I accused the Provost of murder and got expelled from the University. So once I got a ship, I went and collected 500 of each kind of notes pages to get back into the University, only to discover when I got there that the only two options available for me were the two &quotanytime&quot ones.[li]

What I loved about the University was my time there as a guest lecturer, strolling around the quad, teaching the occasional class, playing cricket, and so on. My character would happily spend a lot of time doing that. Is there any way to get back to that? When I regained access to the University it said something about how a job offer would come at some point, but I couldn’t tell if that was the game promising me something, or just a throwaway line.

Please don’t spoil me on how to get my University job back–I love the process of discovery. I just want to know whether it’s possible or not, so that I know if I should spend time searching for a way.[/li][li]
edited by Morganth on 5/9/2014

Alas, no, not yet - you can re-establish your reputation, as you have done, but you can’t yet resume lecturing! Hopefully sometime not too far down the line - though in the immediate future, I expect Failbetter’s attention is largely on Sunless Sea.

Thanks! Shame that I can’t do that; I grinded all of those pages because I wanted to stroll around the quad again. As you say, hopefully they’ll build that back in.

There are benefits for having done so, nonetheless - one or two storylets require being in at the University, if memory serves, plus it makes converting some Academic items more efficient.

Good to know the pages didn’t go to waste.