Geting rid of Wounds and Nightmares

I require some assistance getting rid of my wounds and nightmares. I can get rid of scandal and suspicion fairly easily, but I’m having large problems with my wounds and nightmares. Is there any easy way of doing this? For context, I’m on the first stage of investigating the murder of the senor reader of _____ in the university, and I am dueling the black ribbon.

I’ll send some social actions your way. :-)

Edit: Looks like your Nightmares are currently below 3, so I can’t help with those presently. But you should be able to wipe out some of the Wounds you’ve received now.
edited by Kittenpox on 12/9/2018

As Kittenpox has pointed out in a most practical way, social actions are one of the best ways to lower any menace. Throw a request out to friends, and you can usually find the help you need. (Failing that, we of the forum are usually helpful folk–as Kittenpox has again demonstrated.)

I tend to spend a day in bed when airs are above 90 – best place to see what the airs are is Spite, at the sign of the grasping, thieving hand…

If all else fails, there’s Laudanum and bed rest.

I’ll send a card though.

Sounds to me as if it might be Time for a little relaxation! Way back when it didn’t require A Name Signed with a Flourish 3-4, but just Persuasive 45-75, I used to spend my Actions on something that didn’t give Nightmares or Wounds while waiting to draw that card so I could get rid of a lot of Nightmares and quite a few Wounds. Which is a strategy I recommend for anyone who’s willing and able to draw a lot of cards. The Widow vs Urchins conflict card is also a good way to get rid of Nightmares. Just get Connected: The Widow 30 and Favours: Urchins 5-7 and you can start giving them helpful advice that helps you sleep better.