Gathing a curtain poor vintage- Greyfield 1882

A gentleman of some importance with states 110+ should have no trouble finding such poor wine in bulk. He would merely have to… Well what I’m saying is… I… um… Can’t find any. 1879 is plentiful but 1882 seems only to be found with a pair of glowing eyes and a dramatically inflated price. Thoughts?

I get much of mine from activities with random rewards. Fun with the Fisher Kings (in my case the Big one in the Flit working up to Robing from a Certain Character) and the like. I’m not sure if there is an easily repeatable method…

A Lady collecting

Try Ladybones Road. There is a tradition that developed after the Fall that, if you can find it, should leave you with a few bottles.

[Unfinished business at Ladybones Road. Use the “A tradition developed after the Fall” option. This should net you 50 bottles of the '82.]
edited by Nigel Overstreet on 3/21/2012

Ah ha! I knew there was another way. spoiler [color=#ffffff]If you get the card “The High Castle” and have the Acquaintance: a Repentant Forger, you can take the “Friend of a Friend” option which rewards you 25 bottles of the wine.[/color]spoiler I find the opportunity to be fairly common.

A Lady networking

Thank you to Mr. Overstreet and Ms. Frost for you prompt response. I hadnèt thought to go to the spys, but where better to find good which are decidedly not the worst availableÉ Many thanks.

Those are some very telling typos, fellow Canadian. :)

And, while not a fair exchange by any means[color=#ffffff], “Becoming known at the Singing Mandrake” offers between 1 and 3 bottles on three of the four options, persuasive 103 for me[/color].

A Lady singing

If you are a member in good standing of the Young Stags, a jolly wager with one of your compatriots is almost certain to net you five-score bottles.