Gathering Theosophistical Notes?

I’ve had a great deal of zailing experience lately; my experiences on the four islands accessible to me have been most profitable and revelatory. Alas, as I have embarked on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery, it appears that I am barred from inquiries into more spiritual matters - a shame, as I lack sufficient Theosophistical Notes to restore my academic reputation.

How, if at all, might I change the nature of my expedition, and thus perhaps improve my chances of finding other sorts of notes? Running into the Fleet of Truth on the odd Opportunity is a poor income…

Excellent timing - you may have noticed rumours in the past few days about a Screaming Map showing the way to the Sea of Voices. Find it, follow it, and you’ll come across an island of significant spiritual interest.

Splendid. I have already embarked on this mission - though it will take me several days (real-life days!) to accomplish this task, it appears.

How can I gather Theosophistical Notes now?

Grunting Fen is the best place, just like before. You’ll need the screaming map, of course; and then you’ll need to find the isle in the sea of voices.