"Gather a great host of beasts"

Hi folks, new forum-goer here. Lots of SPOILERS here for the Theological Husbandry storyline.

I’m wondering about the Theological husbandry storyline: I’ve given the Bishop a Hound of Heaven, and I’ve done most of the fate-locked continuation (not yet the bit needing a Voyage of Scientific Discovery). What I wonder about is the hint for a Hell-connected player, “Gather a great host of beasts. The betrayal must be absolute.” Thing is, I’m not keen running around collecting yet another hound, lion, seal and hyena, if this turns out to mean something else entirely. Can someone tell me if having all those beasts at the same time unlocks new possibilities, or shall I not bother? (Preferably without telling me what the new possibilities are, thanks!)

Yes, you’re interpreted it right - if you have all four of those beasts, there’ll be an extra option once you’ve disciplined and fed them.

I think that extra option IS the option, that needs a Voyage of Scientific Discovery. So technically you only need to gather all of them only once for the best result.
But I would gather them again the second time anyway, just to have them in my inventory.

Thanks Sir Frederick. And can you tell me (non-spoilerifically) if taking that step will irreversibly affect the situation? I quite like the reward for delivering a Hound of Heaven, would consider churning a few more if this is the last time I can do it.

I haven’t tried it personally, but I don’t believe that it actually locks you out of that Coil… but, it will make the Bishop very very cross, so, if you’re a close friend of the Church, you might be connections than you’re gaining by the betrayal.

You can do the Hound Heaven grind however many times you want, at least at the current point in time. The storyline is not finished yet.

Fhoenix, I think you’re talking about the fate-locked stuff, right? That one I know about, but it doesn’t seem to be an absolute betrayal; I think Sir Frederick’s option doesn’t need any fate payment.

Thanks, I’ll give it a whirl. Beast-collecting, here I go!