Game play tips for mobile devices

One of the frustrations of playing on a mobile device (Android in this case) is that important content is in tooltips. For example, to see what minimum quality is needed to unlock a specific action it is necessary to hover over the icon next to the action’s button. This doesn’t work well on mobile.[li]

What tips have people come up with to make mobile play easier?

(Yes, I know there’s a thread discussing the possibility of a mobile version and tweaks by Failbetter to make the site work better on mobile; this thread is more about what players can tweak on their devices to make it easier.)

On an android, you can see FL’s mouseover text if you hold your finger down on an icon until it asks if you want to copy/save the image. If you tap once on the screen, you can scroll around and find the text box–typically way down in the left corner. Pretty inefficient, but I know of no better way.

On iPods, you need to tap an icon twice to activate it. The first tap reveals the mouse-over information.

On Androids (at least in Chrome), tapping twice zooms in, though if you swipe around or zoom back out, it does indeed show the mouse-over info. Still, it isn’t optimal.
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I have no tips to offer on the OPs problem - I suffer from the same problem myself.

That being said, can anyone offer any advice about the problem on iPods where the tooltip blocks the actual icon that you want to click on? I usually end up clicking elsewhere to make the tooltip go away, and then clicking back on my original selection and hope that it’ll work that time, but is there anything I can do to stop it from happening at all?

If you have a Samsung Note series with it’s S-pen (or probably a screen that has hover-over detection), the hovering will suffice as a mouse over action.