Game is not working in Internet Explorer anymore?

I sometimes login into Fallen London under Internet Explorer. I noticed several weeks ago, that the game is behaving strange. Tested it again on another computer, and it definitely seems broken in IE. I am not quite sure what triggers it, but often after playing an action (especially, but not limited to social actions) the game engine seems to freeze in it’s current state. After that, opening any storylet will open the last storylet you played instead. Changing your location will open the same location again (it does change your location internally, I think, but the menu, that is loaded, is from the old location). Cards, that you have just discarded, will sometimes reappear in your hand.

Oh and for some reason logging by email in IE always requires a retry. First time I get &quotWe were not able to log you in with the credentials you supplied&quot.

Has anybody seen anything similar? It seems like a massive bug, so I think it would get noticed sooner. Unless nobody ever plays the game in IE.

[quote=Fhoenix]Unless nobody ever plays the game in IE.[/quote] That certainly wouldn’t surprise me in the least. What version of IE are you using?

Meh, it’s not like I browse in it or anything. I just use it for an alt account.
Happens both in IE 9 and IE 10.

I’m using Google Chrome and have seen some similar problems (not all of them!)

The social actions to the surface are broken at the moment and I get the same behaviour after trying them to see if they are fixed. But I do get a blank screen that goes away when I refresh the page then (If I sign in with email) shows the invite card/story again but does not take an action. Or (if I sign in with Twitter) shows what the reward would have been on the next card/story I try/

I have seen the location thing once as well.

Discarded cards - when the same ones appear I have just thought it was that RNG thing.

No problems logging in with either email or Twitter.

Using IE - not my normal browser but just tried it

Signed in with Twitter and email with no problem.
Tried an invite a friend from the surface - worse than my usual browser - blank screen which will not disappear on refresh.
Just successfully sent an in game social action

I would definitely send a bug report though. I have reported the &quotInvite a friend from the surface&quot social action as a Twitter problem so that is on the list.

If you cam remember, does this broken behavior seem to start with the release of the updated bazaar?

I think it was around the time that new items have appeared, yes.

I have seen most of the problems reported in the orginal post when using IE for my alt. It seems to be better now though.

I get this off and on - it’s been more pronounced in the last few days though. Mind you, I’ve noticed it ever since I started playing FL.

[li]And here I figured it was just me. I got so frustrated with having to refresh the site for the game to remember what I was doing that I just switched to using Chrome for playing now, which has yet to give me any issues.

Social actions often fail in IE now.

It works fine in other browsers but in IE I get sent back to the card screen where it shows the options again. This is when trying to do social actions via email, no idea if it´s better if you try the Twitter or Facebook options.

[color=#009900]Folks, can you send details on this to ? Intermittent cross-browser problems are a devil to track down, and no-one’s submitted any tickets on this yet. As much detail as possible (screenies and precise browser version) would be very helpful. Thanks! [/color][li]