Gaining Inspired

I’m doing Commission: A Royal Portrait (for my sins) and it’s a real grind! The two options only provide +1 CP to Inspired, which means it will take a long time (can’t be bothered modelling it) to get high enough to have a decent chance of making a flattering-but-subversive portrait. I’ve done the grind up to Level 9, but am starting to get a little tired of it. (That’s probably 50 actions already, counting in fails, and I’m only at 60%.)

Anyway, I discovered just now from the wiki that Madame Shoshana has an option to let me get 2 CP of Inspired for 2 Carnival Tickets and an action; I can get 5 tickets on a Shadowy check that is guaranteed with my stats. So that’s seven actions (two for tickets, five for Shoshana) to gain 10 CP to Inspired: a saving of three actions.

I did a quick look over the wiki, but the other actions leading to Inspired gain all seem to be attached to specific Commissions. Did I miss any? Are there any other regular places (that is, available apart from the specific Commission) where I could gain Inspired?

I am sure that there aren’t. At least not without getting a commission in Veilgarden or Court. Inspired is used for that sort of stuff only, so there aren’t a lot of options aside from aforementioned

Thanks; helpful to know I’m not likely to be missing anything!

I followed the proposed course of action and had 2 rare successes out of 5 attempts, which gave me 16 CP over 7 actions. My take-home: it’s definitely worth going to Shoshana if you’re doing a royal portrait. I could have had my final 60 CP of Inspired in 28 actions if the rare success rate had held up.

I’m pretty sure I used to get all my early Inspired from Caligula’s Coffee House and their ‘number four special’.

I totally forgot about that option, tbh. Used it maybe twice.