gaining 'Acquaintance - The Wry Functionary'

I seem to have missed a trick while at Court (I have since been banished) and I am now no longer able to make the Acquaintance of the Wry Functionary.

I still have the "Correspond with a contact at the Shuttered Palace" action available in Veilgarden but it only gives the following:
Unsure if this counts as a spoiler, but I’ll play it safe…

[color=#ffffff]along with 30 Cryptic Clues and a minor persuasive increase.[/color]

Have I missed a chance at getting to know the Functionary or are there other options available?

It’s rare sucess

Well, that makes it nice and simple then. Know what I’ll be doing for the next few turns.

Cheers for the help.

looking for help, I haven’t gained access to the “Correspond with a contact at the Shuttered Palace” action, even though i am darling of the ball, and have unlocked the shuttered palace. my question is, by unlocking the palace, have I locked myself out of this action, or is it a bug?

I’m guessing that it got lost during the work on the persuasive progress teacker. I’d report it as a bug.

Same thing seems to happen to me as to kvothan, I ain’t seeing any option to correspond with a contact at the Shuttered Palace in Veilgarden, and I’m even in court.

And same here, I have Darling at the Ball, access to the palace and have been at the court, but I don’t have the letters option. BTW, I have enough persuasive

I had the same thing going on, but eventually- I think was once I got PoSI- A storylet to meet him appearing the Shuttered Palace.