Future Cities (spoilers)

One would suppose that the sixth city is to be Paris. In Wilmot’s End, Paris is a frequent topic of conversation: &quotIt’s always Paris.&quot In the nonfate intro to July’s exceptional story, contributing an echo to the musician rewards one with texts including &quotThe sixth city. The fall of Paris.&quot Of course, the prevalence of these clues brings suspicions as to their veracity.

Would anyone be able to predict the seventh city?

Also, the glimpses of Destiny provided on various festive occasions seem rather apocalyptic. Are we certain that the demise of Fallen London will not coincide with the demise of the cooperation between Bazaar, Masters, and Cities?

Well, there’s a church up NORTH that believes the seventh city will never fall, but they’re a bit fanatical.

Paris must fall. Or at least this is what my character from Burgundy thinks, not the sanest girl I’d say.
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So, what if it IS Paris, that still leaves two important things to think about.

Firstly, all the other cities are ruined, so won’t fallen london have to fall to ruins before another city can join the neith? What would it take to cause the destruction of london? What betrayal caused the other cities to fall to ruin? Will the empress rise up and strike a blow against the masters in revenge, or will the revolutionaries somehow cause the agreement to end with the rebellion against the masters and the liberation of light?

Secondly, WHEN would Paris fall? Does it still have to be when there are kings? Would just a representative government have enough absolute power to sell the very soul of the city to the Bazaar? Perhaps a group of “concerned citizens” and powerful merchants? Given the date it is “now” what’s left that could trigger a dire enough need to sell Paris? One of the great wars? Could the city be that desperate to escape the bombing of WW2? Perhaps the city is sold to make France the hero of the war and win it in some mysterous way?

Paris is the City of Love, of COURSE the Masters covet Paris.

There is no evidence to suggest that the denizens of all of the cities forced the Masters to leave them in ruin. The Fourth City did rise up and was destroyed, but this sounds more like an anomaly. Usually, from what I gather, the Bazaar just gets its fill of love stories and then, well, the subject matter of what happens next is not for the faint of heart.

I think WW1 would be a more suitable period, as the 1910’s would retain the noir theme that many Fallen London stories seem to touch upon. Still, WW2 presents the far more forceful reason for why a Parisian would make such a bargain - better the city fall to the Neath than to the Nazis. As for who would concede the city to the Masters? Well, it is uncertain how picky they are. Perhaps some up-jumped dignitary with an ailing lover could make the bargain, and then the Masters would install him as King/President/Prime Minister or some such leadership position to cement the bargain once it is in the Neath.

This topic struck me earlier today as interesting. Tell me, would anyone here be interested in &quotFallen Paris&quot, a sequel to Fallen London? Granted the tone would be different, far less Victorian. The technology would also have changed, more guns I imagine. Of course I don’t think it will actually happen but, hey, you never know.

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Yeah, Paris would be dieselpunk (one of the WWs, altho I really don’t think they’d go the same with the loss of London navy/trade/The Empress’ family. What would Russia’s tsars be like w/o Victoria’s hemophiliac genes? What would the sea lanes look like w/ London’s purchasing power diverted underground to bizarre goods rather than typical Surface trade?)

Maybe Cyberpunk or Biopunk for #7, but again no idea which city. There doesn’t seem to be a mandatory city lifespan - I guess each Fallen city lasts as long as it can produce unique love stories.

We do need some sort of war, however, even if it doesn’t look exactly like WW1-2, because of love and heartbreak and drama.
& it would be possible, tho cruel, for Paris to be a red herring.

Worth noting that one of the Destinies mentions that the Sixth City has “cathode shadows dancing on the ceiling” – which sounds like 20th century television/monitor technology, but could be an earlier *-punk popularization of anything with vacuum tubes, hot cathodes, etc. Of course, not all the Destinies might come to pass.

I’m surprised I hadn’t considered that sooner! (Brilliant, and hidden in plain sight.)

My pet theory for the Sixth City had always been Tokyo given Japan’s rising economic power in the Twentieth Century, its title &quotLand of the Rising Sun&quot (a motif that likes to crop its head up in regards to Fallen Cities), and the threat of further atom bombs would have provided a perfect motive to sell the city. Furthermore, I had ruled out the European continent because the Bazaar’s pattern of hopping continents with each transition.

Clearly I don’t think like a traveling Bazaar.

Then again, assuming the Bazaar’s attempt to steal Paris DOES go up in gun smoke, I suppose Tokyo could still be on the menu, although chances are they might go for a different European (or even American) city as well. There are plenty of desperate politicians in that era of World History who might be up for striking a Faustian deal, especially with World War brewing on the horizon.

I have little clue as to what the Seventh City would be, but I can only speculate that it might be something that would put the others to shame in terms of splendor. Possibly Jerusalem a major center of Religion and ongoing conflict, the perfect breeding ground for tales of tragedy? Something completely unanticipated like a bustling Lagos(Without Britain, would the Berlin Conference even happen)? The events in Paris further exemplify that the time line has derailed from our own (I mean, aside from the whole famous cities being bought by… whatever the Masters are).

Also? Its interesting to note that by 1908 Queen Victoria would have already died in our timeline. Could that be a factor in the City’s unrest? Would Queen Vicky even be able to die given the fact that famous rulers from the other cities are still walking about?

Fallen Paris, or Paris Tombe?

i’m rather fond of the fantheorized Fallen Angeles? which was more just bounced around than actually written about, i think. the pun there, tho, is pretty spectacular.

Cyberpunk fallen Toyko, the 7th city…

It has an unusual taste… I like it.

The only other mention of a Sixth City that I have come across is from one of the (fate-locked) destinies – the one where you become the Fingerkings’ Huntsman. Part of it talks about enduring when the Sixth falls and gives a glimpse of the level of modernity:

I will walk its new streets, the strangeness of its sharp-edged shadows. I will look through the windows as I pass, at the cathode shadows dancing on the ceilings.

Unfortunately, my knowledge of the history of cathodes, whether in ray tubes or elsewhere, is distinctly limited, so I ask others to say how early or late that is likely to be.

My other thought was that as the Bazaar usually goes for cities from dominant powers, I assumed that the Sixth would come from the USA, which in real life was the next pre-eminent power after Britain (and by the 1890s was approaching parity if not exceeding it, even if British weaknesses had not by then been exposed). I realise that if the British Empire collapsed in the mid-19th century France would be a key candidate for replacement and unwittingly making a Paris deal desirable.

[quote=Cuban Pete]My pet theory for the Sixth City had always been Tokyo given Japan’s rising economic power in the Twentieth Century, its title &quotLand of the Rising Sun&quot (a motif that likes to crop its head up in regards to Fallen Cities), and the threat of further atom bombs would have provided a perfect motive to sell the city. Furthermore, I had ruled out the European continent because the Bazaar’s pattern of hopping continents with each transition.

Clearly I don’t think like a traveling Bazaar.

Yeah, hopping from one Western colonial power to the next in line is, well, a bit boring. But London is unmanageable and the world won’t have changed enough when time comes for it to get crushed. I’m willing to bet Paris will be even worse, which would mean the Seventh Contract could be signed in the mid-20th century, so your Tokyo theory still works! And whatever the timeline, I think an Asian city (Mumbai? Beijing? Seoul?) is a good bet re: the Seventh City. If somehow Paris (and the Bazaar for that matter) is still holding up in the 21st century, I like Rio as a theory too.
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Ooh, I left out atompunk, didn’t I? Cathodes
The dominant powers - that’s what keeps bothering me. Isn’t the balance of world powers completely different with London so far Below? I guess the Great Game’s still going, though.
Does the Bazaar go for dominant powers (empires) or for those most likely to upset the status quo (Balkans, Japan)?

Depends what happenend to the former British Empire imo: either the French, the Dutch etc. took over British colonies, in which case I consider the world hasn’t changed much (the basic structure stayed the same, just with one less player) or decolonisation started way earlier than in our universe, with nationalists taking advantage of post-Fall chaos. Are there hints about this situation in the game? I’m terrible at this.

I think the fact that the Bazaar goes for dominant powers is just a corollary of its goal. It’s basically looking to acquire the biggest possible RNG at any given time, so it needs a heavily populated city with huge traffic (commerce, immigration etc.) for efficient story generation. I doubt the consequences on the Surface are of any interest to it.

Fluorescent lights work by passing an electric current through a gas. It passes between two electrodes, which are designated cathode and anode.

I note from wikipedia that the first mercury vapor lamp, mostly a curiosity, was invented in 1856. Perhaps of particular interest to this discussion is this, &quotneon lighting was used around 1930 in France for general illumination&quot, but I don’t know if they mean indoor as well.

But it could also be pretty much anywhere once ceiling-mount fluorescent tube lights became common in business settings, let alone now with the proliferation of CFLs.

Okay, that will definitely not happen, but imagine this. 1945, the Allies are winning the war, and what the hell does Hitler do? He sells Berlin to the Masters! Wacky Nazi science, noir darker than any noir, crazy fascist government, revolutionaries represented by some spy cell stuck in Berlin when he fell, and dragons made from some sort of candy! Horrendous, terrifying, delicious, lovely!

A certain Ambition reveals that Masters are interested in Paris as the Sixth City, and as we learn in a certain other affair, some Masters are interested in a Sixth City sooner rather than later.

Ah, sorry I wasn’t specific. I do imply Berlin to be the Seventh City.