Fundraising for Communal Hesperidean Cider

Odd that my math yielded something around 5485$ (last part of this).
Plus, we do have this ongoing auction made possible by a great ocelot with FBG’s help.
EDIT: OP seems to have deleted their post, but he wanted to skip 2 years worth of grind to buy a communal Cider by fundraising 10000$. He would then buy Fate and restore AP.
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How are you getting Cider? Doing fate expeditions, it shouldn’t cost more than… 800 fate or so? And 6 months? Something akin to that when I did the math. Where would you be getting your echoes from?

Calculation is based purely on buying Fate for action refreshes to do Affair of the Box, I believe.

(Edit: ah, already spotted the quickest way up thread!)
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I’m assuming that the previous comments were written before OP edited their post.
But it’s 50 Fate to get a Ray-Drenched Cinder, which you then sell for Echoes with which to buy Hesperidean Cider.
Note: This requires a whole heap of actions, a ton of IRL cash, and most importantly - that you’ve not yet opened the Cave of the Nadir.

(Unfortunately, the original post doesn’t appear to indicate what they mean regarding either ‘fundraising’ or ‘communal’ in the title there. So aside from showing the fastest way to convert real-world money to in-game money, I’m not entirely certain precisely what this thread is meant to be about.)

The OP deleted their post at some point after people replied. I’d provide a link to their fundraising project since it’s still in my history, but I’m not totally sure why they deleted the original post so I’ll leave that to them. It was updated at some point to reduce the funding goal, so it doesn’t seem like it’s been totally abandoned.

Given the word &quotCommunal&quot, perhaps the OP realized that it is actually kind of a pain to make a Hesperidean Cider &quotCommunal&quot? Even with a separate account that exclusively send out sips it’d still be a pain to manage and could potentially stir up drama.

I missed the original post, but just a reminder that I happily give out sips on request! (I realize it’s not the same as owning it, of course.) And yes, the auction ends June 5.