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Fuel usage is the same, though. That penalty just affects speed, as far as I can tell.

[quote=Frenzgyn]MAYBE (just maybe) ship weight is taken into account with acceleration… but i have no value to say that…

Of course, this is just speculation… can you find any correlation with your existing data?[/quote]
I… I think the larger engines improve acceleration somewhat? But not enough? I noticed they seem to take longer to get up to full speed than the weaker engines do, so that over shorter runs the 2-speed time was more than half the 1-speed time. Sir Frederick did an experiment a little while ago, which (to me) also seemed to indicate that yes, the more powerful engines take a little longer to max out (see the Guest post below his, or look at the videos and draw your own conclusions). But it’s really hard to measure that exactly…
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They always provide better maximum speed, but nowhere near twice as fast. To move twice the speed of the 800 power starting engine you need about 5000 power, not 1500.