Frostmoths and Tomb-Colonies

Spoilers are present here, from events and storylettes late in the game. Do be warned.

Hello there. I tend to avoid reading spoilers about the various stories of Fallen London. As a pursuer of the Marvelous I like to gather and comprehend alongside my character, and not venture into things such as the Vake or the Name. However, a few recent trips to Hunter’s Keep, the description of a few Dreams of the Dead and a minor event in the Tomb-Colonies, and the implications from The Case of the Fidgeting Writer, leave me perplexed. From what I gathered the three priest-kings of the cities that fell (or their tattered spirits, it seems) are behind a project of some sort in the tomb-colonies, a project that requires a great deal of marble, secrecy and potent souls. Frost Moths appear to be associated with wells, certain directions of known ill repute, and other such unwholesome things. However, there does seem to be a large population of the things in the colonies, and they often star in dreams relating to them.

Can anyone shed some light on these matters? the origin and/or nature of the three priest-kings, the meaning of the moths themselves, and the connection between them, still elude me, and I wonder if I’ve missed something that was implied or whether this information has simply not been revealed yet. Thanks.

As far as the priest kings, you know as much as we do. As far as the frost moths go, they are simply a creature of the neath which can be quite an annoyance. You’ll see them quite a bit if you venture away from London. They are likely associated with those dreams because they are seen as an image of death, and because the tomb colonies have bigger problems with the moths than London does.

I was thinking Cocoons and Bandages was the most obvious connection.

I thought it was most appropriate when I escaped after being buried alive. Death and Rebirth all rolled into one.

There’s also something about their mad desire for the Flame, even as it destroys them.

Practically speaking they may only able to really thrive in the cooler reaches of the Neath. Tomb Colonies, remote islands, etc. I imagine they originate from the Pale Wastes, though pure guess work on my part.