From whence did this curious change come?

When I first visited Fallen London well over a year ago, I had the poor fortune on several occasions to go quite mad from my Nightmares and find myself spending time at the Royal Bethlehem (a place at which, in an ironic twist, I now have a permanent reservation through the expenditure of a great many Antique Mysteries). In more recent months, however, my Nightmares have delivered me elsewhere: the curious Mirror-Marches, which I understand are related to the Parabola (whatever it is) somehow. I do, should I feel truly mad, have the option of returning via the Royal Bethlehem, but of course I greatly prefer recuperating from my Nightmares in this…frankly rather pleasant environment.

Still, it puzzles me why my occasional descent into raving insanity (an occupational hazard of a Seeker, I’m grimly aware) now takes me to this place. Do all who allow the Nightmares to take them come here now, or is this some curious recognition of some half-remembered accomplishment of mine?
edited by TheRyusui on 4/4/2012
edited by TheRyusui on 4/4/2012

I believe that’s a consequence of having a Drive-Through Whale… I’m sorry, I was distracted. A consequence of having a Memory of Light at the moment you go mad

I now want a Drive-Through Whale for a pet… or would it be a ship? :)

Surely a location one visits with a Zubmarine. Embark from the docks, dive, approach the Whale, by some contrivance gain entry and visit the bile bar within…

Or maybe I’ve been reading the Tales of Monkey Island too much.