From Sunless Sea - Avid Horizon, in the NORTH

Mr. Eaten also governed dreams, which are also associated with candles.

I think the Lorn-Flukes are named differently as they are more…hostile? To the Bazaar at least. Iirc the Destiny concerning Lorn-Flukes certainly implies as much. While the ones in Flute Street and the Nadir are more welcoming, inasmuch as they can be.

[quote=Tarantula][quote=Infinity Simulacrum]Mr. Eaten/Drowned Man’s affiliated with Candles because His name was Mr. Candles before he was eaten, and presumably he governed trade concerning candles and other sorts of lights.
You’re also quite right about the Avid Horizon leading towards outer space, probably somewhere close to Axile if I’m not mistaken.
Lorn-Flukes are actually sentient, one briefly harangues you down in Savior’s Rocks (The Avaricious Lorn-Fluke), and the Fathomking is married to another. Apparently the principalities of coral are in some way a Lorn-Fluke too, judging by the Your Father’s Bones ambition. Makes you feel kinda guilty for butchering so many of them for secrets, doesn’t it?
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Pirates are also sapient. And most captains don’t feel guilty about butchering those, do they?[/quote]

And before someone says that pirates are hostile and attack you on sight, so do lorn flukes, on the other hand people usually have reasons to be pirates, being one isn’t so easy and in a place like London, living isn’t so easy for most people there as we see alot of times.

Didn’t the Principles say that the lorn-flukes were the greatest of the flukes? Maybe he just meant the largest. The ones I’ve met in Fallen London were about the size of a seal.

“The Flukes. The greatest of the shapelings. And the Lorns are the greatest of the Flukes.”