Friend recruitment and Darkdrop Coffee

Does recruiting 7 friends still give you &quotsomething special&quot, or has that perk been removed?[li]

I don’t believe it does anymore. [li]
edited by KatarinaNavane on 5/8/2014

[color=#C2B280]Katarina’s right: the reward is always Darkdrop Coffee.

I don’t think that claim appears in the game anywhere any more. If you saw it somewhere recently, please do let me know.
edited by Flyte on 5/8/2014

Ah, no, I was just going off memory (and the wiki hosted on wikia)! Oh well, I suppose unlimited Darkdrop Coffee is better than only 7 coffees possible.

Flyte! The claim that the seventh gift will be special and that you only get gifts for the first seven people you recruit appears here, still. Link leads to the screenshot of the storylet.[li]
edited by bell paget on 5/11/2014

Link fixed. My bad.

[color=#C2B280]Thanks! I’ve taken care of it.[/color]