Freelance Smuggling

Has anyone recently seen the bronze-bordered Freelance Smuggling card or gone through the related storyline? I’m sure I’m way past any stat requirements, but I’ve been flipping cards for days with no luck. Is the story gone, or is there another requirement I’m missing?

An alt of mine played through the story…at some point. The account isn’t quite 3 months old yet, so it must have been fairly recently. Perhaps there’s an upper stat limit? Or you could just be getting unlucky. It happens.

You unlock the cards with Shadowy 71. There might be an upper limit around 120? If above that, consider equipping reducing items when drawing cards.

I saw one of the cards yesterday, so it’s certainly still around and available.

I’m capped in Shadowy, so I’ll try stat-reducing items. Thanks!

Just for the record, I can’t guarantee it’s 120-ish. For all I know, it could be in the 110 region. You’re more likely to get it with stat-reductions, though obviously.