Free Nightmares! Enquire within [Update: All gone]

Greetings, delicious people. I am extremely new to Fallen London and have 6 nightmares to get rid of! (The city is probably trying to tell me something… like, it hates me! ::))

(I’m assuming that at Nightmares level 6, I’ll need to use 6 Sudden Insights to tell them away to people, is that correct?)

Please take my nightmares. Enjoy them. Anyone! Anyone?[li]
edited by Sheylara on 4/27/2016

As it happens, someone right here is begging for nightmares – perhaps try there? Or sample the hot wine at the carnival…

Thank you. I saw the post right after posting mine. Such timing!

I don’t know anything about hot wine at the carnival. Do I buy that at the bazaar? Is it one of those cures that will give me wounds?

There is a place on the London map called Mrs Plenty’s Carnival. I thought it was available from the very beginning, but maybe you haven’t got the route yet. If you’re looking at the Bazaar for remedies, Laudanum will help a little.

I should add that the wine involves a luck check, so if it works, there is no downside, but if it doesn’t I think it gives scandal rather than wounds.
edited by Meradine Heidenreich on 4/27/2016

I see. Thank you for your help!

Oh… ! I have just finished working on a book and published it. Following that, my nightmares completely disappeared. :o

My most abject apologies to all, but I do not seem to have anymore nightmares to give away. For now, anyway.