Free Jewels to a Good Home

I find myself in possession of rubies, sapphires, and diamonds, as well as the Commotion in the Square of Lofty Words card. Is there anyone here looking to commission something Bizarre from a certain jeweler? I only have enough for one person, I’m afraid, so the first one to speak up who isn’t currently in possession of a Bejeweled Cane will get them. Leave me your Facebook or Twitter name so I can add you.

This would probably be better in the Singing Mandrake.

Ah, I hadn’t realized that subforum was for giving away as well as recruiting. I’ll have to wait for a mod to correct my mistake and move the thread.

Well, it will have to wait for now anyway. I just got thrown into New Newgate again and lost the card.

[color=rgb(102, 0, 153)]I will move it for you.[/color]

Thanks Alys.

I have the Commotion card again, for anyone needing help to complete the Keen-Eyed Lapidary storylet. Please leave your FB or Twitter name so I can friend you, and I’ll send them out ASAP.

Hi Alice. I’m, and I’ve been gnashing my teeth about the Keen-eyed Lapidary for ages now. Appreciate any help!

@goobyrastor on twitter. Thanks!

Have added you to Twitter. Now I’m just waiting for your name to show up in the list of available people to send the jewels to. (^_^)

Sent, Pint Box. BTW, I’m back at the Shroom-Hopping Track for another jaunt, so anyone who wants jewels for the Lapidary can comment here to get them the next time I have the Commotion card.

I’ve got the Jewelled Cane card a few times, but have yet to come across any rubies. I have saphires and diamonds from shroom hopping a couple of times, and other events, but there doesn’t seem to be any place to get rubies. Could you let me know where you found them?

If you have any spare, I would appreciate it too/as well. :)

I’m on Twitter - My in game name is E L Barnes.

I believe rubies can only be found shroom-hopping (though you may be able to find them in the Bazaar sidestreets), and only if your In the Lead quality is 4 by the end of the race. If so, you get 150 rostygold, 150 moonpearls, 150 glim, and one ruby. I have them, plus I’ve just been to Mrs. Plenty’s to stock up on sapphires via lizard throwing. As soon as I have the Commotion card again, I’ll send the jewels your way!
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Thanks, maybe I’ve never finished with a high enough in the lead quality then. Handy to know. I should have run faster!

Is there anything you need in return?

A way to get rid of these Confident Smiles? Seriously, I have more than 50 and my Persuasive is capped.

Any boxed cats you feel like sending my way, I will accept. I have one Starveling Cat; but since I intend to one day Seek the Name, I believe I’ll need more than that.

I can send you boxed cats no problem. Can you send me your Twitter link so I can add you in Fallen London? Or are you only on Facebook? I generally just add people for Fallen London through Twitter, as I keep my Facebook account just for people I know in meat space!

My Twitter is @rageboxalice. I’m so creative with names~

Barnes, dear, your jewels have been shipped. Do let me know when you get them.

Awesome, got them thank you so much!

I find myself in possession of the Square of Lofty Words card and a surplus of jewels; I was able to obtain a Bejewelled Cane some time ago due to the generosity of a fellow Neathian and would be delighted to pay it forward to anyone with a need for them! The smaller number of sapphires I have in comparison to other jewels limits me to sending to two people.

I find myself in possession of quite a few jewels, and whilst I have a goal on 20 € of the sapphires and rubies (currently 71 and 31), I can always hand out some. I’ve already gotten my 150 diamonds.

I did spend the three nex to spend a day shroom hopping not too long ago, but since I didn’t know what I’d need the rubies for I stopped after getting two… So I would be very thankful if someone sent some jewels to Krawald.