Forum usability tweak: make 'best answer' readable

I’ve noticed that users (quite reasonably) dislike the ‘accepted answer’ feature because it makes helpful posts unreadable. I’ll assume this has been raised as a bug; what I’m offering here is a stopgap solution to make heavy forum users’ lives easier.

Note: this solution relies on you being able to add what’s known as ‘custom CSS’ or ‘user stylesheets’ to your browser. There are several ways of doing this and I’m afraid I can’t offer you any support in doing so. A google search will help you find what methods you can use with your particular browser.

In your custom styles for, try adding these lines:

tr.acceptedAnswer td {background-color: #333 !important} /* changes background to dark grey */ tr.acceptedAnswer {outline: #CC6 solid 2px !important} /* gives a gold outline so the answer still stands out */ tr.utils.acceptedAnswer {outline: none !important} /* don't extend outline around the post tools row or it looks silly */ tr.utils.acceptedAnswer td {background-color: #222 !important} /* perfectionism */

A reassurance: although normally I wouldn’t recommend running any code you don’t understand, this CSS does nothing but alter the appearance of posts marked as accepted answers. It will almost definitely not cause your gloves, or your hats, to whisper terrible things to you while you sleep.

edit: just tweaking a bit and added an example ‘accepted’ post below for demonstration purposes
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We took a nap immediately after using this code to determine the truthfulness of the above promise. While our gloves and hat have not attempted to whisper terrible things to us, the rest of our family (and our dog) has disappeared, and our computer has our dog’s hair all over it. Hmm.

In Fallen London, everybody is too polite to mention that you are of the canine persuasion.

We offer our sympathies for your dog’s apparent ascension to sapience and use of your computer to book him/her/it/themself a holiday; however, we reiterate, no warranty is implied or should be inferred.

Someone should really sticky this.

EDIT: Thanks mods![li]
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Added a version of this to for those who want it:

All credits to Suitov!

If you hate black backgrounds, here is the CSS I use for black text on a cream background:

body { background: #fffff5 !important; color: black !important; font-family: verdana !important; font-size: .83em !important; }
.gray {text-shadow: none !important;}
.gray2 { color: black !important}
.quote { color: black !important}
blockquote { color: black !important}
h2 {text-shadow: none !important;}
td { background: #fffff5 !important; color: black !important; }
textarea { background: #fffff5 !important; color: black !important; }
#ctl00_AspNetForumContentPlaceHolder_tbQuickReply { background: #fffff5 !important; color: black !important; font-family: verdana !important; font-size: 1em !important; }
#ctl00_divHeader { background: #fffff5 !important; color: black !important; }
div.header { background: #fffff5 !important; color: black !important; }

:link, :link * { color: #0000EE !important }
:visited, :visited * { color: #551A8B !important }

This also overrides the “accepted answer” problem. You can replace #fffff5 with #ffffff for pure white or whatever color you like; the point is that these are the classes you need to make the forums a different default color.

[color=#0066ff]I’ve unstickied this one and added the information to the FL whitelist thread. :)[/color]

I’m using firefox. To make this work, i installed the Stylish addon: Stylish - Custom themes for any website – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-GB)

Then i went to this forum, selected “Write new style”, selected the option for “”, and pasted the code snippet in, like this

maybe a moderator could poke someone at failbetter to implement this on the serverside CSS, it would take 5 minutes of work from a developer, and is pretty much an unquestionable, 100% improvement

Nanako, the forum is not made by Failbetter, they can’t do anything about it… (see bottom of page, it’s made by “Jitbit”)

The forum, like most forums, runs on a commercial software package developed by a third party. In this case, JitBit.
But the end user still has considerable ability to customise it through themes and plugins, at the very least. And usually the software is opensource and can be modified by the end user

I’ve run a couple forums of my own, and been an active member of hundreds more. fairly well versed in this area

In theory, yes, whoever runs the software can customize it as much as needed. In practice though license agreements or software limitations can interfere. I don’t see any reason why there should be a problem in this case, but I’m not a server admin for Failbetter.