Forum Layout: Update stamp improvements.

The forum posts the date you updated a post on a new line each time you edit. So if you happen to make more than one edit per day, no matter how minor, the same date stamp is repeated over and over. It doesn’t even specify a time, which would seem to be more pertinent when things do happen on the same day…

Also, the update stamps are appended immediately after the last line of the post. I tried hitting carriage return at the end of my post, but they didn’t move away. This causes an unappealing &quotwall of text&quot effect as the &quotUpdated&quot lines blur into the last paragraph of the post.

[color=#C2B280]There is a workaround for this: when you edit your comment, you can delete the older stamps.

In the medium term, our preferred solution to this kind of thing is better forum software. Medium term, because we can’t spare the tech time to handle system integration right now. And because there’s some non-standard functionality we’d like to explore when we do look at this.[/color]

Personally, if I ever want to edit one of my comments, I always add a few empty lines at the end, followed by &quot-------&quot. This avoids the problem of the automatic edit notice sticking to the message text.

Like so:

edited by dov on 8/29/2014

Hee, well that is sneaky. And I didn’t even imagine you could delete such stamps. Very well then.

Thanks for the responses.