Forms and the Moon League?


One seems to be in a Catch-22 situation, which may be summarised as follows:

  • upon joining the Moon League, one discards one’s current Form. The message reads &quotYour Knife-and-Candle Form quality has gone!&quot
  • to engage in a Moon League duel, one must have a Form.

The customary Form-adoption process is not available to Moon League members. So, without a Form, how does one proceed within the Moon League?
edited by Tsukemono on 7/5/2013

No, the form adoption process through cards or a sense of urgency works just fine for Moon League members.

So basically one must wait upon the proper card if they have already spent their urgent senses.

But if you use the candle to change your form in a match you will be stuck in that match forever. Anyone have any Idea how to get out of it?
EDIT: The candle has nothing to do with it, there is just a 24 wait period between matches.
edited by Immortal Siegfried on 4/18/2015

Not sure I completely understand what you’re asking, but as far as I’m aware you always have the option to &quotWithdraw&quot (the first choice in the &quotHunting in the Moon League&quot storylet - regardless of whether or not you’ve changed your form mid-bout.

I found out the problem. You can only have one match per day but can still accept a second one. If you do so you cant make anymoves or withdraw until the 24 hour window passes