Foreign Office - Face or Teeth?

Hello friends! I know this is a bit of Fate-locked content, so I’ll keep this vague and brief. In the Foreign Office, I had the opportunity to learn more about the Face and the Teeth, the two factions that inhabit said office. I’ve reached a point where I am being asked to decide between the two of them. Both are tempting in their own way.

However, is anyone able to tell me any longer-term ramifications of siding with either? Are options unlocked on certain cards? Anything?

Any information would be appreciated! Thanks!

No major story ramifications, and no card options that I can recall - but the Fate-locked Face story offers the choice of a Persuasive Home Comfort or a Watchful and Persuasive Spouse, and the equivalent Teeth story offers a Shadowy Comfort or a Shadowy/Dangerous Spouse.

All the Home Comfort are outclassed by Christmas Purchases.
The spouses are all overshadowed by player spouses and the free spouses - either in stats, or in opportunity provided, or companionship.

There are absolutely zero ramifications regarding the two clown houses no matter what you do with them, and they are unlikely to get any in the future - it is very, very old content that is pretty isolated from the rest of the game while failing to receive acknowledgment from its follow-up, the Carnelian Coast. Only time will tell if they will have mercy on us who married the four statues.

Oh wait, I missed one. There’s a slight nod toward your fate-locked statue-spouses if you pay for the Wry Functionary’s conversational story. It is a very impersonal nod though.
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I like the teeth spouse a lot, but that’s just me. (Went for lore over stats).
Stat wise, they are pretty equal.