For consideration and criticism

[li]I beg forbearance for my earlier posting, in which a most unseemly attitude presented itself. I have taken steps to ensure that the snarveling cat is denied access to my wine and honey supplies. I was inspired by certain events that occurred over the last sennight and have a new proposal for general criticism and commentary. I do hope you enjoy my minor efforts.

Standing damply here, upon the docks

Planning one last course through the sunless zea

Alas, the chiming of the clocks

Signal the end that is ahead of me

The ship, the dark ship comes

Gliding quickly to rest at my quay

Come like ancient Mercury

To help me find my way

I look out into the black

and the lights of the ship reveal

my vision forward, but mostly back

to childhood friends and that foolish deal

Deals with devils, with chessmasters and wives,

All for some small advantage that seemed so dear

Only to end in the manner of all our lives

Alone, friendless, penniless, without you here

At last, we cease our wanderings and it is time to go

Although I wished most fondly for one more night

The day is long denied to me, and so

I tighten my bandages and stroll into Venderbight

Oh, I say. You should hide your diamonds before the less savory parts of society make you truly penniless!

Oh, indeed. That darn cat!