Flute Street

I’m having fun in Flute Street, but can’t decide if there’s a point other than to build up connection with Rubbery Men. I build my time spent up to nine, get one move, and restart at zero without building up anything else. Should I take a hint and just go home? I was hoping to take the Rubbery Hound with me. Perhaps he’ll follow me home.

Flute Street works on the carousel method. You build Time Passing in Flute Street to 9, and then you pick an option. Each option will give you a substantial reward and offer up interesting tidbits of lore. I’d recommend trying every option.

Thanks, Twoflower. I have tried them all, so perhaps it’s time to return to my lodgings.

I don’t seem to be getting a ‘substantial reward’ on most options, just a couple of Extraordinary Implications. It is required that you spend all of your actions in a certain option in order to gain the reward? Or have they scaled back the possible rewards? Or is it random chance? Not sure how much time I want to spend experimenting.

I really wanted to have Possession of a Peculiar Personal Enhancement…

You start with several actions to build up your “time passing in flute street”
Then you get several Some-value options to build up to get one option that gets you a lot of some stuff, whether that’d be connections, unique items or something else. This includes the option for the Peculiar Personal Enhancement.

You obviously also get unique stories.
It’s worth mentioning that the fossil can be worth a lot if Embarking on a Scientific Voyage.

Edit: I hope I’m not too obvious about it (seeing as it’s Fate-locked?[/color]

edited by Aximillio on 12/16/2012
edited by Aximillio on 12/16/2012

When I was last in Flute Street, enough exploration would indeed get you to the point of a rather intrusive surgical procedure to obtain just such an “enhancement.” It isn’t cheap, however…

Mmm can we be a bit circumspect with the fate spoilers please?