Flute Street

Quick question - how do you find it ?

After concluding your business at the University, you will get opportunity cards from the Semi-Semiotic Fellow (or eat dinner with him in the House of Chimes) asking you to help out a “friend” of his. This will open an opportunity-card based storyline, the conclusion of which will allow you to spend Fate to access the key to Flute Street. After this point, you will meet someone who can show you the way.

Thanks - for some reason I never got thought the Forbidden Quarter and have only just been through the University despite having “topped out” at 120 for a long time.

do you need to be kicked out of the uni to unlock flute st? I have a character who still has good rep there

Yes, and solve the case of the glim sculptor.

You just need to finish the University storyline. Then you’ll get started on the Glim Sculptor case via opportunity card. I think you can also get it started by talking to the Loquacious Vicar if the RNG doesn’t favour you.

thanks I discovered I had a storylet in the flit about meeting the spelunker lady. Am now in flute st :D

Can someone please PM me about what to do next? I finished the Glim Sculptor case and I am pretty sure that I did the correct fate-locked choice to eventually gain access to Flute Street (I now have two fragments of black coral sculpture). However, I do not see any new storylets in the Flit and I have gone through something on the order of 80-100 opportunity cards there in search of the next step.

Thanks Robin, but anyone else have any ideas? I hunkered down at both Lodgings and Carnival to burn through opportunity cards and check all of my currently available storylets. Is there some way I could have missed it and now just no longer be able to get there?

Having two fragments unlocks a storylet at your lodgins.
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Try the Filt - you may have to bail the Deluged Docent out.