Flute Street help?

I’ve done the storylet at my lodgings and was told to find a guide, but since then, I’ve drawn no related opportunity cards, nor found a gold storylet furthering this storyline. What am I missing?

I think at this point you go to the Flit to get your guide. I haven’t done that section in a while, but I know that it’s definitely not an opportunity card.

If memory serves, you’re told that your guide will be found far from water. You could try looking at the map of fallen london, maybe?

Hello, friend! I actually did this exact part a few hours ago. Your guide is indeed in the Flit. Have fun. Hope to see you there.

The thing is, I’m in the Flit and I haven’t found the guide – is it possible that my Shadowy is too low? It’s at 69 right now.

Huh. That is strange. Shadowy is my lowest skill (a piddly 48 - Sherman isn’t discrete, really), and I had the option there. I’m not really sure. You have visited the University already and spoken with the gentleman there, right?

Aha! that’s what I’ve been missing. Thank you very much. :>