Flint, the Phonoi, and Exceptional Things

Ah, I am but a new dweller of the 'Neath - I have been here not quite yet two months and yet, my exceptional friendship has given me access to some interesting opportunities including investigating a prison called Flint and a strange set of beautiful murders. However I am not sure such things are wise for one of my current talents and reputations. What would be a safe level of expertise to engage in these and other exceptional stories?

My current stats, unmodified by gear, are 86, 52, 58, 114, referring to watchful, shadowy, dangerous, and persuasive. I can get +25 on watchful and persuasive and +15 on shadowy and dangerous using equipment.

If you think your stats are too low, you can start an exceptional story, and after a few storylets in the House of Chimes you will get something like “You can play this whenever you like” in the result storylet. From that point on, the story stays open for you, even when the new one is released. So you can basically collect them and play when you think you are ready.

As far as I understand, the Exceptional Stories are meant for players of all levels! While you might sometimes struggle with a Shadowy or Dangerous challenge, generally I think you should be fine! :)
edited by phryne on 1/28/2016