Flint II: does it stand alone?

Having just returned to the capital after a long sojourn away, keeping in touch only by occasional perusal of this pleasant forum, I have subscribed just now to friendship of an exceptional type.

My question: I appear to have arrived at the awkward point where this month’s story is the second of two parts. Should I just jump into Flint II without knowing what Flint I was about? Does it stand alone, or do I need to buy the (rather expensive) first part?

Apologies if this question is answered in the long Flint thread - I didn’t want to read it too closely for fear of spoilers.

You should get both parts of Flint as an Exceptional Friend this month. At least that is what Alexis said.

Yeah, if you subscribe now, you get both parts. You gain access to Flint II after beating Flint I.

Many thanks! Off to the Hosue of Chimes I go…