Fleeting Recollections

When my Glassman character (who is an Exceptional Friend) got her payment this week, it said that my ‘Fleeting Recollections’ quality is now 1.[li]

&quotFleeting Recollections 1 Day by day, the fog lifts, the hypomnesic radiations dissipate.&quot

The above is the quality, which is under the Story title. I don’t THINK this is Fate-locked content, so I think it’s okay to post, but I’m not sure so any moderators may feel free to delete this. If anybody knows what this quality is for, could they please inform me? It would be much appreciated.

It’s just a change to how Irrigo fades. Before people were camping in the Cave of the Nadir waiting for Time to hit, and that isn’t intended to be a viable strategy.

Ahh, fair enough. That old strategy sounds both very clever and very cheap. Thanks for letting me know.