Flattery at Dante's: Opinions

Given that the action is defined as &quotExperimental&quot, i think we should express our (dis/-)approval in it. [li]

You (a person of some importance) spend some money (10 echo) in order to give to you and an associate (which HAS to be not yet of some importance, so with very few possible uses of making waves) a good reduction of wounds, suspect, and some smiles.

The patron (that is, the one which invited and payed) also takes some making waves from the guest.

I think the action is really nice, and it is useful in order to create (profitable) bounds between experienced players and those wich have not yet explored in depth the world of fallen london.

I kind of wish the recipient didn’t necessarily need to have a Free Evening, but since those are just as experimental, who knows. They might be incredibly easy to get.

Presumably Time will regularly bring them, so they shouldn’t be Mr. E’s Calling Card levels of scantness.