FL down Weds May 22?

Posting to check that it’s not me, it’s them :) - the site is there but very unstable to the point of being unusable. Others having the same experience?[li]

You are not alone.

I’ve also been having problems but can get in sometimes. I have bug reported it.

I’ve been having a problem with it for a while now. Keep winding up in the “Sandbox” and it’s awefully hard to grind money when you can’t get in there.

I figured that since it keeps taking me to a site that is “protected” (which is what a sandbox is) that they are doing an update, probably to the GUI.

[color=#009900]Sorry about this, folks. We’re having issues with Facebook and Twitter authentication: you may find email login more reliable for the time being. We’re working on it now.[/color][li]

[color=#009900]And we’re back. Twitter and FB authentication should work as normal again. Let us know any remaining issues at support@storynexus.com[/color][li]

Thanks Alexis - seems to be working fine now.

It’s broken again :([li]

And OK again.
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No, not OK here - but rumour has it that the issue may be the wardrobe script?

Hmm, not the case: turning that off doesn’t help. I’ll notify support.

I’ve never used the wardrobe script so that can’r be the problem.

I’m getting the Down for maintenance announcement at the moment. Hope it comes back soon.

and it’s back up - hope it stays that way. Guess there are teething problems from yesterday’s upgrade