FL and SS in the skin of 'Macbeth'.

I have the task of rewriting a scene from Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ using new characters, and -if necessary- new locations and times.

The time period must be real, but the events do not. There can be no futures that may never happen, but &quotwhat if's&quot are permitted.

As such, I have chosen to do something related to the universe of The Echo Bazaar,  but I need help finding possible applicants for the possible roles.

And who better then the community to help me find some dabs of inspiration.

D’you know, it never struck me before, but Mr Eaten might be described as the ghost of the banquet…

Yesterday’s King was convinced by the widow, and tried to take control of the city from the Masters.
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Well, I’m just an absolute genius.

I try marking something as an ‘accepted answer’, in hopes of making the possible idea easier to find later…
It was highlighted so well, it now feels like I’m going blind whenever I try to read it.

Also, I have no idea how to undo this.

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You can’t undo it, but there’s a forum addon that changes what the Accepted Answer looks like. You could also quote it if you’d rather not fuss with addons.

I’m loving the suggestions so far.

Ah. Well, thanks for the information anyways.

You may also highlight the answer as you would to copy/paste; I agree, the default mechanic is unsatisfactory.

– Mal