Fixes for Costs may be in the pipeline

I was looking through the Coils of the Labyrinth when I came upon this:

(disregard the &quotseal&quot icons, they are from my extension)

Looks to me like experimenting with possible fixes to the costs-not-showing-your-current-stock problem.

Does not seem to be implemented anywhere else as far as I can see.

Does anyone know of other instances?
Does anyone know if it’s recent?

That’s been there for a while now.

I have this lingering suspect that those numbers being specifically there have something to do with a certain hidden ambition. I may be wrong, of course, but they don’t appear anywhere else, so one especulates.

They appear in Expeditions in the Forgotten Quarter. This is a temporary fix for a complex bug, not anything to do with Enigma.

I haven’t seen it in the Expeditions at all, certainly not the expedition preparations anyway - though I did go back to the First Coil to check the screenshot location, and it is showing up there (including a &quotYou have 0 Nodules of Deep Amber.&quot)
Good to see this is getting fixed, though. Trying to get bags of low-quality diamonds in the Bazaar Side-Streets, and not knowing how many Cryptic Clues I had left (without changing tabs to check) was getting a little tedious. :-)

During expeditions it shows how many supplies you have left in the storylet description.