First trip out to the zee

My swift zee-clipper stands ready and proud in the harbour. Before I set sail, would any citizen of the neath care to advise me on what sights I should see? I’m terribly excited for my first sea voyage, but at the same time I’m wondering if there’s a chance I’ll be devoured by a kraken. :)[li]

That depends - I don’t recall whether it’s possible to have acquired the Screaming Map, or the Iron Republic Safe-Conduct, or to have begun a Scientific Expedition, this early in your seafaring career. Hunter’s Keep is always worth visiting, in any case - bags of story, good rewards, and the Stone Tentacle Key to be found!

Remember to cash in your dramatic tension, fascinating… casing, investigating, etc. Basically, almost everything that’s not unique qualities under the Progress section.

I had both the Screaming Map and Iron Repunlic Safe-Conduct before ever going to Zee. an’t comment on the Scientific Expedition, since I’ve not been evicted from teh University yet.

Agree with the other advice here.

Oh, and if you have access to teh Labyrinth, you may want to advance to the point where the Bushop us looking for exotic animals. That way uf your Troubled Waters is high, you can at least pick up a Plated Seal.

I’m pretty sure you don’t get sent to Menace areas while out at Zee.

You don’t go to menace areas while you are at Zee. If your menaces are 8 or over when you dock in London you will be sent to the relevant menace area. But you can reduce wounds and nightmares while at Hunter’s Keep (or one option at the end of the Mutton Island carousel). Also if you go to the Iron Republic there is a menace reducing option.

I don’t recall that many menace-raising things at Zee.

Well there is piracy for suspicion and I get up to some pretty scandalous things on my yacht. I’m not sure if failing dangerous challenges while actually Zailing causes wounds but there will be things you run into on the islands that might raise your menaces.

Thanks for all the replies! I will return with stories of awe and woe.

@Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook I believe I have the Screaming Map, the Iron Republic-safe conduct and fulfilled enough requirements for my Scientific Expedition - hopefully that will keep me busy out in the Zee. :)

The biggest menace problem is Nightmares, which can catch up with you if you ignore the warning signs too much once your Troubled Waters quality gets too high. At that point, you will either end up in the Mirror Marches or the Beth.

Hunters Keep is always worth a visit, and if you’re doing a scientific expedition hit Corpsecage and Bullbone. If you’re Watchful enough to do Shrine of the Deep Blue Heaven expeditions in the Forgotten Quarter, see my notes elsewhere for Corpsecage/Shrine loops as a lucrative means of grinding for higher level items.

You can reduce Nightmares at Hunter’s keep by listening to Phoebe. It raises the Plagued by a Popular Song menace on a failure.