First thoughts and first crash.

[li]Hi there. Just started playing. I am loving the feel so far. It is very atmospheric. If anything I could recommend that the area outside your lamplight be darker as I think this would heighten the mood.
[li]I experienced a crash when I tried to dock at hunters keep and the game asked me to choose my backstory again and wouldn’t allow me to click or select anything.[li]Edit: Happened again when I tried to dock at mutton island.[li]Edit 2.0 return of the edit: Also crashed when I tried to go back to wolfstack docks. I sailed around for a bit, my crew got hungry, I went back and docked and I wasn’t able to select anything or purchase anything. Game was unresponsive. Couldn’t even save.
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Try not choosing a history - this solved it for me

Intersting. I will give it a go.

Edit: Seemed to work well enough. I quite enjoyed the [color=#c2c2c2]choose your own background idea, shame it isn’t stable yet. [/color]
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Yeah it worked for me :)

How do we save??

I think you can only save in port

I haven’t had a crash yet, and I selected my background. I have already, however, turned my crew cannibal and died, and have regenerated, so, that’s fun/awkward!

I’m just glad I’m not the only one who has experienced this bug. I’ll see what happens when I don’t choose a history.

My game crashed about 15 minutes in, while at Deveaux (?) Island. Couldn’t do anything, and clicking made it crash out.

I have so far been able to both dock and save without difficulty, even with a selected background. I am using the Mac client and I have only tried selecting the Poet background so far, I have not tried any of the other backgrounds, so I’ll give that a go and see if I have troubles with any of them.