First City Coins: Antiquities for Trinkets

I happen to have amassed, in my dealings with certain people and parties far-and-wide, a number of lots of [color=#9999ff]First City coins[/color]. Now, my [color=#006600]delicious [/color]friends, having certain opportunities presented to me through old docker friends of mine, see, I would like to exchange my oddities for other oddities.

If you would happen to need or desire these [color=#9999ff]coins[/color], I simply require only a modest exchange to seal our future deal, such as one of the following:

[ul][li]2-3 invitations to games of chess, bouts of fisticuffs, spots of loitering, or coffee from Caligula’s for 1 set of coins[/li][li]A set of second chances for 1 set of coins[/li][li]1 point of notability for 2 sets of coins[/li][li]Or, for those so inclined, a good deal for a good customer - one package of unknown and surprising contents for 2 sets of coins[/li][/ul]I most excitedly look forward to the opportunity to transact with you soon, [color=rgb(0, 102, 0)]delicious [/color]friends.

My available and remaining wares are visible on my mantle. Customers will be served in order of initial offering. Good day, and please, mind the Vake.

I would be happy to send you a package with unknown contents when I get out of this dead gods mind, assuming that:

1:You have any coins left
2: There are no people who need coins more then I. i have no real need for the coins and am just grasping a achance while it is here, so if another has more need ive to them first.

Bundles have been sent in exchange for various offers. Currently, only one left right now…

How long did it take you to gather such an amount of this unusual tradeable currency?

A few years counting the days. A number of trips to smaller bazaars at the recommendation of dockers. I might have been looking for third-hand watches or maybe a decent set of gently-used cuff links…but trinkets and knickknacks have a way of drawing the attention. I also have spent many an evening assisting with some rather unusual paperwork - a certain muffled man may have slipped a few to me as lagniappe in addition to other less tangible pay.

Sir: perhaps coffee and chess are in order? We can discuss what I intend to do with these coins; I can lie to you; we can have such marvellous fun!

Would that I could oblige; however, I’m currently short on coins of interesting and obtuse origins. Perhaps in the future I’ll be able to provide again.
edited by Stygota on 5/29/2016