Fires and Stones; At Odds? *Spoiler*

&quot…and Mr Stones is furious that its box has gone missing again…That’s pleased Mr Fires, of course.&quot

After months of scraping…submitting…

Do the Masters have discernible politics?


Help me, delicious friends… What’s a concerned Londoner to do?
edited by Thomas Dredge on 11/6/2014

Keep playing the Affair of the Box to learn more.

Let us just say that the ultimate fate of this city, as with prior cities, lays in the machinations that the Masters partake in. Whether they are in control or at the whims of these events can only be speculated. What is certain is that each has their own priorities, and said priorities may clash with that of their fellows.

edited by Owen Wulf on 11/6/2014