Finding the Screaming Map

A long while ago I got ahold of a left-hand half of a Screaming Map through some storylets at Wolfstack Docks. There were also options for finding a right-hand half. But for at least a few months, I cannot find any of those storylets at Wolfstack Docks.

Did I disable them by taking a steamer to Polychrome?

Is there some other way to find a right-hand half? Now that I have a ship of my own, I’d like to zail there to continue some investigations.[li]

The only lock on them is the related living story, so there might be a storylet in Your lodgings where someone is dropping it off?

If you have only one part of it, there should be a bronze-framed storylet on Wolfstack Docks, with same options as before (Bizarre, Dreaded and Respectable checks, respectively).

No such luck for either a storylet with someone waiting at my lodgings or a storylet at Wolfstack Docks. Should I report this as a bug then?

I’m using the app to play the game and get a lot of notifications telling me that there is a living story waiting for me and I can never find any living story either…

I do remember the Screaming Map being a living story for both sides. When a living story triggers, you’ll get a notification, and then a few days later something will happen. In this case, the person you contacted to get the map has to go and get it, and will be at your lodgings in a day or two’s time.

If they don’t show up after that, then I would submit a bug report.

So they showed up and I got my left-hand map half. Then some time later I was not able to find the storylet at Wolfstack Docks to get the right-half map half. I’ll report a bug.