Finding the Artist's Model storylet

Does anybody know when the Artist’s Model seduction storylet disappears and whether you can get it back? Currently I have a Persuasive quality of 43, and the storylet for the Artist’s Model in Veilgarden has disappeared - I’m trying to get the Admirer of Beauty accomplishment for future companion opportunities, but I have no idea how far back I need to go to get that storylet again.

I’m not sure when it disappears, but don’t worry. At Persuasive 62 in the Shuttered Palace there’s a storylet that allows you to pick up Admirer of Beauty, Admirer of Art, or both. So be sure to play that if all your Persuasive reducing equipment doesn’t let you access the first opportunity.

The Struggling Artist’s unlock range is Persuasive 9-20, so the Model’s range should be the same. If it’s really 20 and you buy the right attribute-reducing gear, you should be able to access the storyline again. Like Sara says, there’s still another opportunity to pursue the Model at the Shuttered Palace.

And if you don’t get the ‘admirer of art’ and such qualities, that also means you have two less annoying opportunity cards to discard…

You can always try putting on a Ridiculous Hat, hanging out with a Talkative Rattus Faber, and holding some Bottled Oblivion and seeing if the storyline reappears.

And at the end if it, still be charming enough to win her affections.