Final Girl

I’ve opened up FINAL GIRL, which is an entry for IFComp 2013.[li]

It’s a relatively short, randomized, re-playable game with several different outcomes. It is a horror game with some adult language, situations, and violence, but very tongue-in cheek.

Hope you enjoy it!

Quick question to anyone who finished the game:

Did you receive the email just once? I set it up so it would hopefully not pester you repeatedly after the first time, but this is a hard thing to test.[li]
edited by HanonO on 10/14/2013

I have updated Final Girl so that by your third restart, you should have a branch available that lets you skip from the beginning all the way to the lake. Please let me know if you encounter any trouble with this option.

And thank you all for playing, I’ve received some awesome feedback!

The IFComp is over, and FINAL GIRL placed 13th (muahahah!) out of 35 entries. Not a bad showing for a love-it or hate-it genre on a platform that many of the voters had never even heard of.

It also won the “Golden Banana of Discord” prize, for the largest average variance between review scores. I read reviews that raved about the game, and some that dismissed it outright without even trying.

As a side note, I had monetization turned off per the comp rules, and received several messages from people saying they had tried to tip me but could not. I’ve turned it on now so this is possible. I am NOT soliciting for tips, but it is possible to do so now.

Thanks to everyone who played the game and made it a success! I’m very proud of it and loving the feedback I’ve received.

It was great to see a Storynexus game in the Competition. I thought Porpentine would snag the Golden Banana again so, uh, congrats on that. Also, yeah, 13th is a good performance, particularly for a game without a parser which requires sign up.

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