Feeling Lost

I have been playing FL since 2012 and am on my second character after semi-abandoning my first. I started up again last year but took a rather long hiatus. I’m feeling quite lost and overwhelmed. I have no way of reviewing my progress easily and I honestly feel unsure of what I’ve become. All my skill are rather even (W:87, S:96, D:101, P:117) and I am well on my way to becoming POSI. (I’m at POSLS lvl. 12 about to get my fancy schmancy bicycle. I am quite low on funds and am not really sure how to earn money at this point. I know that POSI have an easier time at it, but spending my hard earned echoes on strong-backed labor hurts my heart. So I’m putting it off.)

Anyway, anyone who took a long break and came back have any advice? How do I come back to this game without becoming utterly overwhelmed?


How far have you made it on the Making Your Name stories? They’re good for providing direction, although they’re a means to an end (and can also lock you out of stuff, like term passing in the university and the court)
As far as making money goes, at your level anything that pays about an echo per action is probably decent. Have you made it to Mahogany Hall? If you school louche devils or Lyme, you should be able to get about 1.10 echoes an action, with a payoff at the end. With your persuasive stat, you’d have a very-modest chance of succeeding, so that’s not bad.
I am not someone who came back from hiatus, but I’ve found the Wiki is exceptionally useful for figuring out what I can and can’t do and what I’ll get out of it. It can be found here.

I came back about six months ago after a while away, so I get where you’re coming from! I think it can help to focus on a particular grind to get back into the FL zone. For example, I set about rather single-mindedly trying to get a ship.

Another thing you can do is create a list of the major storylines you want to follow through, so you don’t feel like you’re constantly forgetting to do something. You can do this either by marking something as a plan in FL or keeping a handwritten list IRL.

Incidentally, if you’re on the verge of velocipede ownership, you’re almost at POSI status! :0)

If you’re concerned about dwindling resources, the best grinds I’ve found are those in the “Unfinished Business in” storylets. You’ll get them in Veilgarden, Watchmaker’s Hill, Spite, and Ladybones Road as soon as you’re a POSI :0)

Hope that helps!

I have been rather focused on becoming a POSI because I’m not quite sure what else to do. Every time I come across something and I wiki it I discover about 5 more things I need in order to accomplish that task. So then I branch off and discover another 10 things to do! I keep bookmarking wiki pages to remind me what I’m doing but I’m already lost in my own decisions! This game is just so massively huge, which is great, but sometimes overwhelming. I don’t want to miss anything but I’m afraid I might as I grind things and inadvertently grind levels at the same time. I guess that’s all part of the game though. Thanks for the advice =)