Featuring in the Tales of the University

So I recently gained access to the University, and I’m trying to raise my Featuring in the Tales of the University to 25 so I can proceed in becoming a POSI. But I only got to 5 and then I had to raise my Term Passing… to 12 and then it reset when I did that. Am I doing the wrong thing, or does it just take a really long time to Feature in Tales?[li]

One does not often graduate from a university after a single term. It make take some time. Try enjoying the college student life.
edited by Triblademaster on 10/25/2013

Yeah, but does it take a set amount of time before it lets me advance to 25, or do I have to just keep grinding?

There should be a few storylets available regardless of what your Term Passing is at, a notable one of which will advance Featuring in the Tales of the University to 6.

This will close off the Term Passing storylets you’ve got now at Tales 5, though, so hold off if you want to see more of those.

Not sure if I should ‘bring back’ this topic or make new. I’m in featuring 11 and not sure how to increase it. I use one of the cards that appear when I get quiet some term passing and it reset my term passing but not increase the featuring… did it says when a card will increase my featuring?

Featuring 11…that’s during the murder investigation, right? You’ll need to investigate that case to progress through the story. There’s a storylet that lets you build Investigating.

‘term passing’ cycles and has absolutely nothing to do with the main story line which is ‘tales’. tales on the other hand decide which terms stories are available. i suggest you try all the options to read the lore and go check the wiki if you are done but cant find a way to advance. but to be honest, the tales 5 terms are the best with grindable wounds/nightmare reduction. the later terms are not useful mechanics-wise. theres no point to stick around.