feast of the rose masqueing to making waves

the masqueing description claims you trade it for making waves when the feast ends. does anyone know how much you MWs you get per point masqueing?

I too would like to know this.

I don’t know the specific answer to that question, but it will be until the end of March until the masquing turns to MW. Before that, you can use it to get companions, which is in general the better use for it. You can get MW any time and through many different channels, but these companions are only available once a year for masquing.

Also a couple of the companions can be used for making waves.

Not only are companions arguably a better use for Masquing, but you can also trade it in for Stolen Kisses on the Encounter card (one per point of Masquing). At 2.50 Echoes each, that’s often more useful than Waves - depending, of course, on where you are in your Notability grinding.

Hopefully it is more than 1MW per Masquing…