Feast of the Exceptional Rose: Tattoos

With February just around the corner and talk of Noman tattoo grinds becoming the norm for the past few weeks, I’d like to know if past tattoos can be redone with the 50 Fate cost and replaced with something else. I’d really like to trade my present ones out for something more impressive.
edited by Sir Joseph Marlen on 1/23/2016

I’ve been asking around and it seems that the cross section of people who had two tattoos last year and people who were unhappy enough with their past selections to pay the 50 fate reset cost was basically non-existant or too slim to find anyone who remembers within my social network. The only thing we do remember collectively was that there was only one story branch to reset the work and it had a price tag of 50 fate.

This leads me to believe that paying the 50 fate would remove all tattoos and set you back to the very beginning where you would have to wait another year to get your second tattoo back. I would hope rather though, that it would allow you to reset tattoos individually or to restore an equal number of tattoos as you had before the reset. However, it is very possible this is just wishful thinking and the price of resetting is purposefully very high, to discourage change of something intended to be permanent like a tattoo.

This isn’t related to your question but it is related to tattoos. Spoilers for the presently backer-only Pirate Poet SS DLC.

So if you become chummy with the Pirate Poet you can end up letting her tattoo you. There are a few different options… including getting drunk and waking up with an obscene tattoo in your unmentionable regions. At first, I found this comically regrettable… then the idea started growing on me, and I’m half-hoping it carries over to Fallen London. Hell, I’m semi-seriously considering a real-life filthy rebel Clay Woman tattoo.

edited by Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook on 1/23/2016