Feast of the Exceptional Rose preparations?

I did pretty well this Christmas, but had to scramble pretty hard and I missed out on a few things as a result. I know that most of the Exceptional Rose stuff can only be built up or spent during the actual Feast itself, but are there any preparations one could make beforehand that would help?

Here are a couple of answers from the A Guide to Lacre thread. Maybe you already read those? Might as well put them here anyway, for others. I think that’s pretty much all there is to it, apart from finishing the Clathermont storyline. Hmmm. Not sure how to even start that one nowadays.

[quote=&quotMany&quot Chin]not 100% sure, but the materials for buying non-fate gifts could possibly change. for gifts(of adoration and scorn) directly grinded through storylets, you can only obtain them during the feast.

can’t find the giftlist for 2014.

[quote=Aximillio]http://fallenlondon.wikia.com/wiki/Celebrate_the_Feast_of_the_Exceptional_Rose!_(2014) is the 2014 version, after a little bit of hide and seek…

Inkling of Identity
Appalling Secret
Cryptic Clue
Drop of Prisoner’s Honey
Intriguing Gossip

Are among the things you might find useful[/quote]

Last year you could only get the best companions if you forked over upwards of 30-40 Fate, but there was a large array of normal companions you could get without Nex/Fate. The Presbyteriate Diplomat is especially useful for Watchful players who dislike the Scuttering Squad for aesthetic reasons - but you might want to reconsider if your spouse is a certain &quotDevout Intriguer&quot.

If I remember correctly I believe you should begin stockpiling either Prisoner’s Honey, Inklings of Identities, Cryptic Clues or Appalling Secrets. However, in order to directly receive Masquing, the resource spent to acquire the new companions, you will need players to send stuff to you personally. So if you make an accord with another player you can send each other gifts to help yourselves.

I kinda messed up last year and did not send gifts to people who sent me gifts, but this year I will be ready. Resource wise just stockpile what is easiest or preferred for yourself. A Painted Cat is just as useful as a Singed Playing Card after all.

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I found two good posts that I’ve been using as a reference. Figured I’d post them here in case anyone else found them useful.

Good Evening, I would like to ask a question, and probrably devise some plans. So there it goes:


My objective for the feastival is to form a permanent bound with Letice, and to do so I must acquire the Masquing of 40 (15 fate lock and loaded).
To acquire such Masquing I understand certain itens are necessary, is a partner is also necessary to trade gifts or may I reach Masquing 25 by myself?
About the items, posessing all stats over 50, and persuasive a natural 100 and acess to the empress court, which items are more efficient to farm for the Masquing?


If a partner is a necessity, does anyone vonlunteer as an accomplice for such nouble cause?

For whatever the reasons, feel free to add my name amoung your contacts and send me a letter,

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A partner is necessary for getting Masquing above about 25, I think. And grinding up to 25 would be slow and tedious. There’ll be a thread on the forums for people to arrange the exchange of gifts, as you’d expect, if you don’t have a partner to share gifts with.