Feast of the Exceptional Rose 1896

[color=#cc0099]The Feast of the Exceptional Rose is upon us! Show your affection or scorn through unexpected and creative gifts! Love is as faceted as the jewel in a betrothal-ring. What will the season have in store for you?

It seems even the Revolutionary Firebrand and the Secular Missionary are feeling the effects of romance this year. You’ll also find two new rose-gifts, four new companions, and some new married excursions for spouses from Foreign Office!


Send and receive gifts from other players!

This year, express your adoration or scorn with two new rose-gifts. Etch your opinions in the cranium of an Inscribed Skull! Or does the object of your passion enjoy luxury? Travel? Brimstone? Then a One-Way Ticket to Hell on the 12:15 from Moloch Street may be the perfect gift!

Rewards from the Feast can be won by increasing your Masquing, through participating in the revels and the exchange of gifts. Use your Masquing quality to unlock unique companions later in the festival once Lady Lilac arrives. The 1896 Feast features four new delightful companions to choose from!

Make friends for the exchange of gifts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit or right here in this thread. Please feel free to use #ExceptionalFeast on other channels to alert other players of your desire for gifting.


How better to prove your devotion than through permanent inked sentiments at Clathermont’s Tattoo Parlour!

A unique story involving the Neath’s famed tattooists, the Clathermont Family is available for the duration of the Feast.

Find the Clathermonts in Ladybones Road when you have A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets at 4 or higher. As part of the Feast, continue this story from the same area by playing News at Clathermont’s from 12th February.


That winter, you saw the woman in the lilac dress everywhere…Did she approach you, or did you approach her, in the end? Certainly she looked you straight in the eye. &quotYou are desired,&quot she says. &quotGive me the proof of it, and I’ll make arrangements.&quot

The enigmatic Lady in Lilac returns to London during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose.

On the 12th February we will be releasing the Lady in Lilac card into your opportunity deck, allowing you to trade in your gifts for Masquing. From the 12th, you’ll also be able to turn in your Masquing for special companions on the Encounters at the Feast card.

The Feast will end on the 19th February. The Lady in Lilac and Encounters at the Feast will remain available until the 23rd, after which your remaining Masquing will be converted to Making Waves when Time, the Healer visits.


If all this gift-giving is making your heart flutter with romantic notions, perhaps put it to good use by proposing to the one you love!

Begin at the Attend to Matters of the Heart storylet in your Lodgings—there are a multitude of exceptionally lovely venues throughout London for you and your partner to explore.

This content is available year-round, but a married date during the festival certainly wouldn’t go amiss!


Has your spouse been too long gone? Are you too distressed by their unaccountable peckishness? Has love simply faded? The divorce courts will hear your plight; and, if they are satisfied, will end your marriage, so that you may seek out new love stories.

If you wish to divorce your partner, seek a divorce on the Attend to Matters of the Heart card in your Lodgings.


This premium story is now available on the Fate page if you fancy experiencing a royal wedding.

Our Lord Mayor’s proposal to the Captivating Princess has been accepted! Join the Beleaguered Wedding Planner in the Shuttered Palace to make or break this historic moment.[/color]

Only in Fallen London can you say with a straight face, “I love you. Go to Hell.”

And the partner would end up blushing and crying with joy while holding a mushroom bouquet/wine.
edited by Skinnyman on 2/5/2018

Oh by the names of all gods, thank you!!!
Now even if I die today I can die a happy person.

Damn, the 12:15 ticket isn’t a metaphor!..

How amusing.

My IGN is Simon Beaufell, I’m only just starting out with this character and I would love some gifts from this awesome community! I’ll always try and reciprocate.

Oh by the names of all gods, thank you!!!
Now even if I die today I can die a happy person.[/quote]OMG. FINALLY. THANK YOU, FAILBETTER.

There does seem to be a bit of jiggery-pokery going on with the Exceptional Rose interface-- the Custom-Engraved Skull doesn’t currently list any price attached to its sending, but sucked a good 200 Inklings of Identity out of my inventory. :(

edit: Seems to be correctly price-listed now.
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Hi all, do I need to wait for a card to marry an npc? I can’t seem to find any options in “Attend to Matters of the Heart” :-/

All right. What is this spousy gentleman than makes you so happy?

Stockpiling 10k honey was not enough, according to the Masquing prices. Off to Veilgarden to pester the Hollow-Eyed Hedonist for more.

I’m happy to exchange non-fate gifts at the 1-Masquing level. Unfortunately, I can’t reciprocate 2-Masquing gifts, as I only have the secrets necessary to bribe two cats this Festival.

The Revolutionary Firebrand. Dreaded +2, too, so not much of a penalty to marry my one true love. Awesome.

Thank you! So if I am guessing correctly, those married to him increase their BDR?

Do you need to have the Revolutionary Firebrand Renewed in order to marry him? And where do you find the option to do that?

From what I can see on Valiant’s profile, this version of the Firebrand has +2 Dreaded (and obviously +1 Committed), but he no longer has Persuasive +9 nor the Shadowy +6.

No idea about the equivalent for the Missionary.

(and no idea where the option is to marry them!)

edited by dov on 2/5/2018

It was a storylet in the Lodgings, having him Reforged in one’s inventory.

Does anyone know by any chance what sending the 12:15 one-way ticket does? Is it an alternative unlock for the Moloch St exceptional story or something else?


I probably don’t see such an option for my Renewed Missionary because I already have a Spouse.

Glasses of Teeth, Hands of Glory, Terrifying Candles, Buttered Chess Pieces, oh my. What in the world are these gifts and how are they even expressions of love in the first place?