Favourite Locations in the game?

Gameplay-wise, which one is your favorite?

And flavor-wise, too?

Personally, I like Veilgarden. It is rather relaxing in comparison to the other hazardous parts of London (although it had its own danger).
Gameplay-wise, I would go for the Ladybones Road. So many things happen there and all of them are profitable and fun.

Roads Beneath is a close second. It is like the Unterzee, except more profitable. Unfortunately the destinations and the cost of candles make it not very fun. A pleasant surprise nonetheless.

Hunter’s Keep is a very special place… in London itself I’d say Mahogany Hall, with the Labyrinth of Tigers close behind. I also like the Flit and the Docks a lot, both for gameplay and for profits.

The Bazaar Sidestreets don’t have gameplay, exactly - POSI item storylets play out there, but aren’t exactly set there. I love the flavour of the place, though. Flute Street’s gameplay is slogging, but its flavour delicious. Wolfstack Docks, the Court and the University all provide a real sense of place as well as enjoyable stories to experience - as does the Flit, in the early stages, when we’re exploring rooftops and meeting the Topsy King, and failures can mean actually falling off and ending up in a different area with some new Wounds. Later, it just becomes a staging-ground for Shadowy activity all over London, which is less flavoursome.

Excuse me, but what exactly is “Roads Beneath”?

The way to Flute Street.

As I’ve mentioned in a lot of threads, most areas seem very alike, outside of theme. So far, I like the University and Labyrinth of Tigers simply because they introduce something different, with the various terms (I’ve put off making my department simply because I don’t want to lose playing with the terms), and the coils of the labyrinth. Themewise, however, I think my favorite has been the Forgotten Quarter.

Ah how I long for the comforts of my office in the University. Unfortunetly, I’m spending my time jumping around the Flit trying to increase my Shadowy so that dratted woman will stop saying I’m a person of little importance.

The Mirror Marches. Perhaps not always the most… useful place to be, but certainly one of the most intriguing.

I’m a lover of Watchful and all the flavor it entails, so I’m going to go with The Forgotten Quarter and The University. I have a particular affection for the Flit, maybe from watching too much Mary Poppins as a kid. Strangely enough, I really like hanging around in my home, I don’t know why. It becomes a significantly more interesting place once you’re a person of some importance, but I even felt that way before interesting things started popping up there.
And Hunter’s Keep has recently become one of my favorites. Not only is the atmosphere marvelous, but the sisters are a reference to both Greek and Russian (I think) mythology, which always piques my interest. I also acquired my most treasured item there on a rare and somewhat heart-stopping success.

The Chambers of the Heart. You may not spend much time there, but it’s my favourite location. Very, very disturbing.
After that, I particularly liked the first part of the University, where you were able to just spend time as part of the place - the flavour was wonderful. I bitterly regret that it’s lost to us now. While the investigation was certainly interesting and brought up many secrets, all that’s left is a couple of minor storylets, making this essentially a dead location. A shame, because it was very well done.
As for the locations that are currently available to me? My favourite of those would have to be a ‘slow boat passing a dark beach on a silent river.’ It’s peaceful down there, after all.

I’ve heard that a future batch of Watchful content will involve returning to the University. Which is great, as it was also my favourite location by far. Second would probably be the short but surreal adventure in [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]Mr. Sacks’ sack[/color].

Is it okay to discuss our least favourite locations here? Because I want to express my dislike for the Empress’ Court. The cost for entry traps you in one location, the Inspired grind long overstays its welcome, and you’re forced to complete it anyway even after you qualify for Mahogany Hall, unless you don’t mind taking a pass on the Foreign Office as well.
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In game, Blue’s a regular of both Veilgarden and Ladybones Road; though recently he went living in the Royal Bethlehem Hotel, the townhouse he uses as the base of his clique is in Concord Square near Ladybones, and visiting the honey dens of Hollow Street is a favourite pastime of his.

OOC, I’m liking the University very much: it offers a lot of storylets with diverse rewards, a mechanism of unlocks based on the actions instead just the qualities (so it isn’t necessary to grind a lot before unlocking new storylets), and, best of everything, a crime mystery subplot. I just love whodunnits _

Ooooh, I kind of forgot about the University after all the trouble I went through to get my macademic credential re-established. I really enjoyed the life of a guest lecturer personally - both character-wise and personally. Maybe I am just not that ambitious, but the leisurely yet scholarly life is fun (and all the first sporing you want!)

I actually kind of miss the Court. I had a lot of fun competing for the office of Artist in Residence and I’m sure my lovely gardens are still walked by lovers. I also really like Mahogany Hall, once I got enough time built up so I can just choose which day I want to reply. Not to mention the Pygmalion storylets are probably my most replayed ones in the game.

Gameplay-wise I rather like all of the Places of Menace. I haven’t gone insane or died in a rather long time, but I used to enjoy it when it happened. I like a lot of the storylets for both of those places and I like the atmosphere for the Tomb Colonies and the prison. They all add such a nice layer to everything else.

I’m currently enjoying my tenure at the University very much indeed. I’ve been grinding my Dangerous down in the docks for some time, so it’s very pleasant to have such a light-hearted and relatively peril-free existence. It’s quite profitable, too, for all the game’s jibes about the life of a poorly-paid guest lecturer.