Favourite fate-locked stories (now with Summary)

I did a post over at reddit asking players to vote how they liked the fate-locked stories they bought. I set up a survey of (hopefully) all reasonably long storylines, hoping this’ll be a good resource to look at when deciding which story to buy or recommend.

A few things:

  • At first glance the page might look overwhelming but it’s really just this one page[/li][li]Please only rate stories that you have actually played[/li][li]You cannot change your answers after submitting[/li][li]Voting is anonymous[/li][li]Please only vote once

Here is a summary of the results.

If you want to check the results, you can go here. I recommend not doing that before you have voted so you won’t be biased.
If you have any ideas how to improve something like this in the future, let me know.
Thanks to phryne for giving me the idea with her poll back in September. I’ve been using the results a lot when players have asked for recommendations!
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Two typos: Pentecost Predicament and Century Exhibition ;)

I’m actually planning to do another poll about only the most recent ES soon, but in the forum polls you can only ever vote for one option. It’s nice to have the opportunity for more varied voting!

Oh, also I think you’re missing Mysteries of the Foreign Office!
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I knoooow. But I don’t think I can change that without closing the poll and (possibly) removing the answers. Of course I saw the first typo about 5 seconds after posting… sighs

Edit: Oh no! I totally forgot about &quotMysteries&quot. That would have definetely belonged on the list. :(

I’ve started taking notes for the next time we do this…
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it’s also missing the jack-of-smiles story. great survey though!
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It’s funny, it makes me realize I don’t dislike any stories. I find some underwhelming, lacking, or with missed potential, but none I’ve played and disliked.

This poll though misses the nuances as there are a lot of stories I like and aren’t in the middle, but I wouldn’t put them near the top. Ah well

How about an option that says - I don’t even remember much about it since it didn’t leave an impression? Though that mah fall under “average”.

[quote=ochrasy]it’s also missing the jack-of-smiles story. great survey though!
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That’s not really an independent story though. It’s just the content from both regular endings.

There is the short but very fun side part of the Jack story.

Thank you! :)

I was pondering which stories to put in here and which to leave out. Jack-of-Smiles was one of the borderline cases. It’s probably about the same length as &quotSpinning of the Wheels&quot but &quotfeels&quot less like an independent story. Oh well. There’s always a next time.

Funnily enough I actually had this option in there when drafting the survey. But then I figured it’d be redundant because players might as well not vote at all on that story or choose &quotdidn’t like&quot or something. Personally, I wouldn’t rate it &quotaverage&quot if I can’t remember but that’s just as subjective as what you consider a &quotgreat story&quot. I guess it averages out in the end.

Another aspect I had considered. But I wanted to avoid a Pitchfork-like rating such as &quot12:15 got a 8.7 so it’s clearly superior to Flint which only got a 8.6&quot. In the end everybody will vote differently based on a very personal scale. I figured if you really think a story was great and you’d recommend it vote &quotgreat&quot … and if you really didn’t like it, that’s unambiguous, too. Everything else is kind of &quotaverage&quot, whatever that means.

I have answered the Survey. Judging by the results to date, my answers are in line with those of the majority of respondents.

I have answered the survey too. It was interesting to see how other voted.

I posted an extensive summary of the results over at reddit for those of you who are intested.

I was afraid to copy everything over here because I’m not familiar with the formatting functionality of the forum. Feel free to post comments here, though.
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